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Hi, we’re Nick Calabro and Anthony D’agostino. We’re here to show you through our own experience and experiments exactly how you can operate the best and most efficient bar. Everything from becoming a better bartender by focusing on hospitality to starting and running your very own bar or restaurant. We’re here to show you how it all works.


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How Cocktail Dive Works

Become a Better Server & Master the Art of Hospitality

We’ll teach you the skills necessary to stand out from the crowd. Wether it’s welcoming people to your bar and making them their usual drink or cutting off rowdy patrons who have had a bit too much, there are always ways to increase customer satisfaction through hospitality.

Learn the Business & Start One of Your Own

Starting and operating a bar or restaurant is everyone’s dream but most people’s fantasy. Cocktail Dive walks you through the necessary exercises and strategies to take before and while finding locations, stocking your bar, and ultimately running a successful hospitality business.

Learn, Support, & Fun

Learn by doing with step-by-step tutorials and project-based learning. Get one-on-one support from experts when you need it. With our guarantee, we can ensure you’ll have a great time and improve your businesses. 

Skills you can learn at cocktail dive

Bringing hospitality to you

Learn the art of hospitality


Learn to mix drinks and more.


Start and operate your very own bar

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We Wrote The Book On Hospitality

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